Services We Offer

Services we offer include – but are not limited to:

Marsha Haworth

Marsha Haworth
  • Website Management: Building of WordPress webpages. Also, keeping the site plugins/theme updated as needed.

  • Blog posting:  I will post what is need for your website, however I do not provide writing of any kind. This must be provided.

  • Social Media Management: Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Instagram posting.

  • Calendar Management: making sure appointments are scheduled via an online scheduler. Also scheduling appointment confirmation and reminder emails if needed.

  • Email Management: reading and answering emails if needed.

  • .Video Editing: Taking the video and cutting out parts not needed/wanted, adding an intro and/or outro if desired and adding text to the bottom of the video if wanted.

  • CRM platforms: Email management providers I have used – Aweber, Icontact

Michelle Geary

Michelle Geary
  • Customer Assistance: Checking your calendar twice a day for new appointments, Sending the client a confirmed appointment email, sending client a reminder email the day before their appointment is scheduled, Assist with any questions or forms your client may need, Setting up client in your system to track appointments, billing etc.

  • Webinar Assistance: Setting up your webinar in the online platform, providing technical assistance if needed, assisting with “dry run” prior to webinar, Available while webinar is live for assistance.

  • Social Media Marketing: Creation of social media marketing plan, Scheduling posts on social media platforms, Tracking social media stats.

  • Email Marketing: Adding your content to emails in your email software, scheduling emails, Setting up Email funnels. Email management providers I have used – Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft and IContact

  • Email Management: Sorting and prioritizing your inbox, checking your inbox twice daily for urgent emails, Responding to emails.

  • Online Research: Research of a variety of topics, we thoroughly glean each lead, Enter research in Excel.

  • Quickbooks: Either Online, Desktop or in an Excel spreadsheet. 

  • Telesummit production: We offer three packages, each package includes 20 speakers – additional speakers are an extra $50 per speaker. With each package, you’ll be able to select either 5-day, 10-day, or 20-day events.

We charge a flat rate of $30 per hour billed to the minute, not rounded to the nearest hour. Bookkeeping and Telesummits are charge at a different rate. Please click the buttons below if you would like pricing on Bookkeeping or Telesummits. 🙂

If something is not listed here that you are in-need of service for, please inquire about it.

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