Meet The Team

Marsha Haworth

Marsha HaworthHello, I’m Marsha Haworth. I started this working from home venture in 2014. All I could think of for many years was about how I wanted to work from home and not have to drive in the Midwest snow 11 miles each way to work and hope that I could make it to work or home again. The thought of not having to leave home and still earn a living was enough for me to seriously think about a future of working from home.

This never would have happened for me if it wasn’t for the love, faith and trust of my sister to hire me on as a contractor of hers, as well as my husband’s full support in this scary venture I was about to take.

I was working full time at my regular job and part time for my sister. As time went on, and the more work she entrusted me with, I was able to leave my job of 13 years and work full time from home. She never doubted me once. Since then I have grown in business and knowledge, and am loving every minute of it!

Michelle Geary

Hello, I’m Michelle Geary. I offer a multitude of solutions to entrepreneurs and business professionals. I have been tackling troublesome tasks for clients since 2010 with the hope of giving our clients that much-needed sigh of relief.